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Here you can find project-wide changes. For more detailed changes:


  • Update dev dependencies: karma, eslint, rollup
  • Move to monorepo structure
  • Switch from karma to web-test-runner to get around import issues
  • Decouple library regexes to packages/lib/
  • Decouple docs to packages/site/
  • Add typedoc documentation:
  • Move documentation to docusaurus

Legacy changes#

This project was formerly one repository, named @tony/oembed-component

0.0.1-next.27 (2020-03-25)#

  • Update dependency packages (rollup, docs, testing)
  • DailyMotion: Fix iframe dimensions

0.0.1-next.26 (2020-03-24)#

  • Fix DailyMotion visibility issue, add tests for player

0.0.1-next.25 (2020-03-24)#

  • Export youTubeUrlRegex
  • Change casing on functions from URL -> Url
  • Make protocol optional
  • Add tests for Dailymotion

0.0.1-next.24 (2020-03-24)#

convertURLToEmbedURL -> convertUrlToEmbedUrl

import {convertUrlToEmbedUrl} from '@tony/oembed-component';
convertUrlToEmbedUrl(''); //
convertUrlToEmbedUrl(''); //

0.0.1-next.23 (2020-03-24)#

New all-in-one function to URL to <iframe> friendly URL

import {convertURLToEmbedURL} from '@tony/oembed-component';
convertURLToEmbedURL(''); //
convertURLToEmbedURL(''); //

0.0.1-next.22 (2020-03-24)#

  • Typing fix for getSpotifyEmbedUrlFromIdAndType()
  • YouTube: Support URLs

0.0.1-next.21 (2020-03-24)#

Extract spotify regex patterns, ID extraction and embed URL maker

0.0.1-next.20 (2020-03-24)#

Try to fix a build issue

declare global {
// eslint-disable-next-line
module JSX {
interface IntrinsicElements {
'o-embed': Partial<OEmbedElement>;

0.0.1-next.19 (2020-03-24)#

Stab at React support in TypeScript out of the box

declare global {
// eslint-disable-next-line
declare module JSX {
interface IntrinsicElements {
'o-embed': Partial<OEmbedElement>;

See also:

0.0.1-next.18 (2020-03-24)#

Support passing string values to width/height, e.g. width="100%"

Before this width="100%" would render as Nan.